Let's make Spring Hill a better place

We are fortunate to live in a great city.  I've called Spring Hill home for over 15 years.  The growth has been phenomenal!  But no good deed goes unpunished.  We live today in a city that needs a new direction away from the uncontrolled development and toward taking care of what's here.  This is what I strive to achieve as your mayor.


I've campaigned on a traffic platform for 6 years while running for alderman and now mayor.  Solving Spring Hill's traffic problem is a daunting task and while solutions are difficult to find, it's apparent that what we've been doing isn't working.  The Board of Mayor and Aldermen continue to discuss their planning but nothing is happening.  We're doing a great job planning but the bulldozers aren't moving - at least not on the roads.  My goal is to make sensible, strategic, and steady progress toward improving mobility in our city.


Spring Hill’s growth largely came from young newlyweds and young families.  These kids are now moving away, entering college, and forming lives of their own.  Problem is, they’re going elsewhere.  As our population continues to grow, it is important to continue attracting young families with affordable housing and appropriate recreational activities.  Likewise, there is a generation or two that is getting older.  To some degree, it’s the older generation moving to Spring Hill.  We must facilitate their needs, too.


For a city to exist, it needs to offer certain basic necessities including public safety, utilities, and look out for the social and economic welfare of its citizens.  Our current leadership is Spring Hill is failing to adequately provide these services.  For instance, our police and fire departments are statistically understaffed.  Our police  do not have a readily accessible firing range to practice shooting.  Spring Hill is doing a very poor job of creating a friendly environment for small businesses.  Office space is out-the-roof expensive.  Small mom-and-pop retail stores rarely survive for an extended period of time.  Socially, the city offers very little variety for families to leisurely gather.  Many of us travel to Franklin or Nashville for many recreational activities because they simply aren’t available in Spring Hill.

I see Spring Hill as a quaint town that is distinguished with its history while maintaining a modern culture.  A “downtown” Spring Hill can become a hot tourist area bringing in a lot of outside dollars to support future infrastructure.  Affordable office and retail spaces will be birthplaces of large companies employing hundreds, maybe thousands, of people.  Spring Hillians will find work closer to home rather than Nashville.  Commutes will be shorter and people will be happier.  The only food in town won’t always be fast food.


I am determined that these things can happen sensibly in the way that Spring Hill wants it, not as developers command it.  This is the change I will absolutely bring to the table.  It’s time the city seeks to serve its citizens.  Let’s continue to grow, but let’s be smart about it.


None of these things happen overnight.  What can happen, and what I hope to accomplish, is to encourage solutions to these problems so that we see changes that will make Spring Hill a much better place.  Let’s focus on the services we provide, help small business develop and grow, and bring activities for all age groups to our city instead of sending dollars elsewhere.

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